- I cannot login to travelmaster.gr

Please check that you comply with the following requirements/settings :
1) www.travelmaster.gr exists in you trusted sites zone
2) Internet Explorer allows active-x controls
3) Popup windows are not blocked for this site
4) HTTP 1.1 settings are configured properly
For a complete guide of the above settings click here for internet explorer 6.0 or here for internet explorer 7.0.
To check what version you are currently using click here


   - add mail account to mail programm

When you register with our hosting plans we supply you with some e-mail accounts yourname@yourdomain.gr . This guide will take you through the install proccess of those account using Thunderbird or Outlook2000 . .


   - Syndicate Our News

If you whant to know from first hand when a new version is ready for download you can use our rss ( What is rss ).  If you are a firefox user or internet explorer 7 , then simple click here and click add. .

   - WebMail Guide

Another way to check your e-mails exept desktop e-mail clients( thunderbird, outlook ) is to use the web mail clients from the web address http://webmail.banda.gr , there you will find two very popular web mail clients ( RoundCube , Horde ) and a web admin section . You can use any of the 2 web mail clients you like to administer your e-mails, but to administer your account you have to login to the web mail admin .
Depending from the rights( user, domain admin ) of your account you would be able to administrater eather your account only (forwarding rules , signatures, etc) or your domain users ( add/remove e-mail users, size for each user , etc )


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