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We are B&A e-Travel S.A.!

We are an experienced team of travel and technology industry experts with a mission to deliver highly reliable travel services via technology. 

We are providing complete and up-to-date travel services and software solutions for businesses focused on the latest developments and trends in the travel industry.

Our services include B2B platform and solutions for agencies such as Backoffice and Ledger, Front Office software, Congress suites, Booking Engines, API connectivity and more. 

For over 30 years, we have consciously chosen to be active in the field of travel technology and we have successfully combined our main business ventures: the worldwide wholesaling of travel services to professional agents and the design and development of travel software solutions.

Since 1989, our focus has been to optimize the combination of travel and technology and to embrace innovation as the only path leading to a sustainable future for the professionals of the travel industry.

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